The 4th Trimester

A New Mom Support Group

This six week series offers a supportive space for new mothers to share, learn and connect. Each week we will focus on a specific topic related to the often fluctuating transition into parenthood such as birth stories, sleep, feeding and self-care. 

All sessions will include gentle postnatal appropriate movement/ breathwork, group discussion on the week’s topic and pertinent resources/ take home materials. This group, led by perinatal specialist and yoga instructor, Lucy Schanzer meets weekly for 1.5 hour sessions. Parents of babies (and newborns themselves) up to 16 weeks are welcome.


Week 1

Birth /Adoption Stories

Our series opens with a grounding breath practice to welcome our new community and prepare ourselves to hold space for each other. Participants will then be invited to introduce themselves by sharing their birth/ adoption story. To close, Lucy will introduce a few pelvic floor exercises and restorative yoga postures suited for early postpartum recovery. 

Week 2

Feeding & Sleep

We’ll begin our second week with a gentle seated flow, focusing on the neck, shoulders and posture. Afterwards, participants will be invited to express any concerns, questions and/ or advice they have concerning baby’s and/ or their feeding and sleep. To close, we will find a restorative posture for breathwork which encourages relaxation.

Week 3


Our third week opens with discussion, offering a space for participants to share if/ how the motherhood transition has affected any relationships in their life, including their relationship with themselves. This session concludes with a short yoga flow and acceptance meditation.

Week 4

Self Care & Recovery

Our fourth week begins with a gentle yoga flow during which participants will be invited to share a quick self care hack they’ve discovered during their parenting journey. Afterwards, Lucy will provide a brief introduction into PMADs and will open the floor for support/ questions on this topic in addition to further discussion of self care and recovery. To close, we will find a restorative posture for breathwork

Week 5

Going/ Not Going Back to Work

We’ll begin our fifth week by inviting participants to share their thoughts on if/ when/ how they will go back to work. We can open this discussion to how this specific transition can affect/ be affected by previous topics. This session concludes with a yoga flow, including a bit of chair yoga

Week 6

Final Thoughts/ Open Floor

We’ll start our final session with a mommy & me yoga flow during which participants will be invited to suggest a new topic or request we revisit a previous topic for group discussion. To close our series, we’ll find a restorative posture for a final meditation.