Customers reviews

I received the most professional care from Dr Shepherd. The Mona Lisa was the most effective device that helped correct my problem . If I needed it again , I would definitely do it. Love Dr Shepherd and her staff !!
Sherry P.
Dr Shepherd is the best women’s health provider, she always makes me feel comfortable and my visits are so fun and informative.
Jozlyn G.
My surgery experience was amazing…..she did that
Brittany M.
I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate with the staff and how flexible Dr. Shepherd was.
Alina C.
Dr Shepherd is so amazing at women’s health, she always makes sure to stay up to date with new treatment options and cares about your entire wellness. She’s the best!
Angelica M.
“Priya was right alongside me as I worked through the impact of trauma over my life. Often, she held the space of grace and compassion when I couldn’t find it for myself. Working with her for 3 months in her Mindful Healing Program I became empowered and for the first time saw possibilities for myself beyond my story and life experience that I felt caged by. We practiced many tools to ground and recalibrate my central nervous system as well as calm my mind. I can integrate the practices suggested within my daily life and it’s made a tremendous difference. “
S. Shaw
“Working with Priya I learned several tangible, memorable eastern and western tools to identify and reduce the stress of isolation that I can also use in daily life. As a teacher, I found her thorough and knowledgeable as she articulated concepts and guided us through the practices she presented beautifully. I highly recommend working with her 1:1 and I look forward to continuing to work with her. “
H. Robinson
“I have tremendous anxiety and find myself ruminating often. Working with Priya I learned many tools to address this challenge. We practiced mindfulness, thought mapping, and body embodiment. In addition, she became my accountability partner to practice consistency in using the tools. Now, I can use these practices weekly and often daily to manage my well-being.
C. Fuentes
The 8-week Healing PTSD with Movement series with Priya was very instrumental in my journey through trauma recovery. I didn’t realize how skewed my relationship with trust and choice were. Through this practice I found myself starting to connect to my body and myself, something I had often run away from. I didn’t know how this practice was going to help me build trust with myself but soon after practicing I began to feel empowered to make choices and then act on those choices. I know the impact it’s made in my life, and I am grateful for this treatment.
L. Hall
I've been to two of your workshops already and I am so grateful I found this timely resource. I appreciate what you are doing and thank you for the validation of my experience with Complex-PTSD.It has been great to hear how candid you have been with your own trauma history. It gives me even more confidence to be candid in the right environments because secrets are heavy weights that I've carried for too long. This is a piece of my healing. I claim that.
N. R.
Must say that Dr. Edison’s skilled treatments really helped me improve my condition after being stuck in my own recovery for quite a long time. He is a very kind and caring doctor who made time in his busy schedule to fit me in on Saturdays. I really appreciate all he has done to help me!
Daniel K.
I was referred to Dr. Edison to be seen about my back injury. And I'm truly grateful that I was. Dr. Edison and his staff did an amazing job on helping me to heal! The acupuncture and massage therapy was amazing. Thank you Dr. Edison and all his staff for getting me back to work and better.
Phoebe Y.
Dr. Edison is very knowledgeable in the healing art and science of acupuncture. Having previous experiences, I would rate his skill and expertise as superb. I'm sure the other practitioners are on par as well. Treatment is done in a quiet and mellow environment. Front desk staff is welcoming and professional.
Neo S.
I sprained my ankle during the snowstorm. The Dr. said it would take 4-6+weeks to heal. As a mom with 3 kids and the youngest being 18 months I need to heal as quickly as possible. That’s when my friend suggested this place. I walked in and was greeted by a very nice receptionist. I was then taken back where there was a massage chair, smooth sounds and serene images on the tv. I felt like I was in a spa and not an office. I met with Edison who asked me some questions and what issues I was having. While he was doing the acupuncture part he would ask some questions like “are you sleeping ok at night?” With 3 kids that is a no, so he put some acupuncture on my wrist and hand to help with it. Afterwards he let me relax there for about 30-40 mins and then came back asked how I was feeling and began to remove the needles. Edison gave me some follow up advice and walked me back to the receptionist. I have scheduled my next appt already and have told several family and friends about my acupuncture journey.
Jennifer T.
I was referred to Dr. Edison to be seen about my back injury. And I'm truly grateful that I was. Dr. Edison and his staff did an amazing job on helping me to heal! The acupuncture and massage therapy was amazing. Thank you Dr. Edison and all his staff for getting me back to work and better.
I have seen Dr. Edison several times and each time was very effective for my personal well being. He has shown the utmost interest in providing me with the best care possible, very courteous and professional and after each session the results were very satisfying. I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr Edison to anyone.
Vivian L.
I had a great experience with XXX Acupuncture today. Acupuncture helps a lot with allergies. I was congested and Edison the acupuncturist did a great job. Getting acupuncture on my face did help to relieve the puffiness I had under my eyes and congestion in my stuffy nose
Cresia C.
Finally a real Doctor! I have been suffering from Crohn's since I was 14 (now 45). Been in hospitals in many different countries. No one was ever able to help the healing process. At its best, I was able to manage pain for a few years, until it became so bad I was scared I would lose my life. Barely able to eat, energy so low I could hardly walk to my car at times. Dr. Edison helped me so much I have had my first WHOLE MONTH pain and SYMPTOMS free. It makes me cry. I had lost all hope. Now I am able to get hope back. I can walk for a few miles with my dogs again. I am not calling in sick at work once a week anymore. Actually I have not called in sick once this month! I am making projects for my future again. This is worth everything!
Macro T.
I went to XXX Acupuncture for my allergies. After one treatment, I felt relieved but I’ll definitely be back to keep it up. The acupuncturist Edison was great and accommodating. The environment was very relaxing. I definitely recommend
Gabe W.
I am being treated by Dr. Edison for migraine and tension headache and have had significant improvement (75% reduction in frequency) of this condition for the first time in 20 years. Prior to seeing Dr. Edison, I underwent therapy at other clinics without improvement in my symptoms. The combination of acupuncture and tuina massage has been excellent. Dr. Edison and his team are clearly outstanding at what they do.
Tarrance T.
I really cannot say any bad things about this place. Dr. Edison is very nice and professional. I felt great after the visit. Definitely will go back!
Sophia L
I started seeing Dr. Edison very recently, and I must say he is fabulous! I have had back pain for 8+ years and although I've seen him just a couple of times, the pain is nearly all gone! He is a great doctor and he really knows what he is doing!! He is kind and very intellectual. This has become my favorite place to go to! 🙂
Su-hui C
Dr. Edison and his team are excellent professionals. I went there for about 3 months and the service was always excellent. They really care about their patients. You can feel the change in your body. Unfortunately I couldn't continue treatment because I moved out of town. However, I texted him to consult something and he texted me back so quickly even though I'm not his patient. I recommend this clinic 100%
Shihyu T
I had gotten in a terrible accident and always suffered from terrible back pain. Nothing worked- medications, the braces nothing. I feared that I’d have to quit my job. But then my friend told me about Dr. Edison and I must say I was reluctant at first, but after my first visit, I felt relief. I always tell everyone that Dr. Edison gave me my life back. It’s been a year and I can honestly say I am pain free.
Chao C.
I came to Dr. Edison as a referral from a friend who had a bone spur problem in C-7 right side. I had the same problem 23 years ago but had surgery to repair the problem. It took two years for complete healing. My friend was treated by Dr. Edison with acupuncture, Tuina massage, and Chinese medicine. His rehabilitation took less than 3 months. I drive for an executive car service, which has me sitting for hours on end. Within 10 days it was almost impossible for me to stand from a sitting position.. Dr. Edison treated me with acupuncture and Tuina massage and within 24 hours I had no pain and could perform all movements. I normally refrain from the use of the word "Miracle", however Dr. Edison's r
James C.